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My name is Pamela Wilonski.

I am a creator, daydreamer, educator, explorer, geek, leader, learner, listener, observer, poet, reader, storyteller, teacher, and writer. I live in Connecticut, USA. I am a Cowbird citizen. I’ve told 42 stories. I joined Cowbird on January 11, 2014.

If I am to be any one of these things, I hope I am to represent at least one of them well.

I live in the beautiful, over-taxed state of Connecticut... she is not at fault.

I am a Librarian for children and teens...a lover of learning, a giver of reading.

You can join me in the discussion of all things readable and learnable on my professional Librarians Facebook page at

I am the mother of two beauties; a job that I commit my life to.

My circle of friends is deep and loyal; they are all my sisters.

When I drive my car I sing, not very well, but I belt it out whole-heartedly with the windows down. I give life this same sort of gusto.

I dig graves in the dead winter for beloved cats; tiger lilies burst from the warm earth of summer.

I really do care if you slip on the ice while you scrape your windshield.

I rarely write of truths; my world is mostly fiction. I purge my thoughts; it gets very crowded in the mind.

If you come here, do not expect perfection, only see the remnants of day hauling in the dusk.

I give great thanks to you for coming willingly to my page. My writings are much happier now that they have been freed from the entombment of Word documents; your company is quite pleasing.

It is my hope that you will find something here to like.

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