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My name is Tommaso Gollini.

I am a biker, curious explorer, jimy hendrix adorer, jobless, and restless wanderer. I was born on 12 July, 1963 in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy. I’ve told 5 stories. I joined Cowbird on March 15, 2012.

born in a hot july day of 1963, grows between the perfumed halls of his mother hairdressing salon and the tales of distant places and wars told to him by his nanny. Italy was a fast growing country in those days and time was money, so he came up basically shuffled from a nanny to the other, but Carmen was the most important one. She was married to an ex combat pilot of the Regia Aeronautica, and Tommy was in love with air and airplanes since them. Regular school careers saw him grow in the hot politic climate of italy in the 1970, between bombs and riots, with left and right being the only way to define the self. Born in a Left oriented family, he leaned toward the vietcongs and the palestinese causes, always discussing with more "west" leaning friends and schoolmates. In 1977 he started his college experience in an agronomic school, and the following 5 years were all punk rock, bikes and finally GIRLS !!!. In 1982 he left the agronomic school to enter the University courses, opting for a completely different field of study: Political Sciences. The 80' were absolutely a confusing time for him, unable to define better himself, to find out what he was wanted to do of his life, all lost in The Cure dark musical tones. The depression was around the corner and hit him fair and square. The only good thing was he met the first roleplaying in 1981 (it was dungeons&dragons) and he started his career as storyteller. A thing that is still going on these days. Well, to cut the story short, Tommy came out his depression after a good work with a psychologist, finally bought his first harley davidson, married Silvia and at age 49 entered Cowbell. And here i am

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