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  • The chamber was dark and dingy.

    "Where are we?" Onya asked as she shifted her gaze from the group in front of her to the dark stone walls and peculiar colored moss.
    Delicately, she tip-toed around a puddle of what she hoped was water.
    "This is disgusting. Why would anyone want ANYTHING to do with this place? " she complained as they started walking farther into the looming entryway. Ahead of her stood Tal, a fellow adventure turned friend. She would never remember just how they met, but she had been thankful to have him around more times than not. Towering behind her was an annoying highlander, Wyatt. She called him the "annoying meanie pants who won't leave her alone" instead; it was more fitting. He claimed to be her bodyguard, but she had no need for one, at least not in her eyes. Lastly, there was some midlander. He was brought in as help it seemed. Onya nervously waved at him; she wasn't a fan of new people being close to her. She would rather keep her distance than be bumping tails with Gods know what.

    Onya turned her attention back to the task at hand, they needed to clean out the junk from this place so the great citizens of Ul'dah could reclaim their training grounds. Liten Ild or Ildie for short, her emerald carbuncle nudged her calf trying to get her attention. As Onya reached down to pet her faithful companion, Ildie jumped up and flipped it's tail against her trusty grimoire.

    "What's in here, friend?" Onya inquired as she took the book from its resting place on her hip. As if the book knew what Liten Ild was looking for, it opened to a page filled with scrawled writing. Skimming through the jumbled text Onya found what her companion was wanting her to find.
    Clearing her throat, Onya began to read, "Originally a holy place for the first Lalafell arrived in Eorzea, the twisting labyrinth of natural caverns which wind through this massive mesa were transformed by the Pugilist Guild into a series of training pits, animal pens, and holding cells to accommodate the ever-growing popularity of Ul'dah's coliseum. After the Calamity, however the location was abandoned- those remaining in the the pens, left for dead. Not all of them, however, met that fate and now the tunnels are rife with those who survived. . ." Onya paused for a second to catch her breath, "... as well as the tormented spirits of who did not."
    She snapped the book shut and quickly shook her head trying to clear the mental images her brain conjured up at the thought of revengeful spirits.

    Looking around she saw that her party members were staring off in other directions seeming to ignore her. She huffed and knelt down to Liten Ild.
    "Thank you Ildie, At least one of us knows where we are." She started petting the friendly carbuncle when she overheard Wyatt and Tal conversing.
    "Is she always like this?" Tal inquired.
    With a slight chuckle, Wyatt responded, "Yes, she is."

    Onya sighed and stood back up looking at the three others standing around, "Well, let's not waste time. Shall we get going?"
    Tal unsheathed his sword and set his shield upon his arm, Wyatt counted his arrows and pulled on the string of his long bow giving it one last inspection, and the midlander glared at everyone keeping his arms folded across his chest and his staff still placed on his back. Onya glared and took a step closer to Wyatt pulling out her well worn grimoire. With a worried tone she whispered, " I don't trust that one," and gestured towards the isolated mage standing some distance away from them.
    Wyatt smiled down at her and pat her head reassuringly, "It will be okay little miss."
    Onya realized the mistake she had made by even saying anything to Wyatt. Without a pause, she turned and scoffed off after Tal.

    The first monsters they encountered were large and brutish looking, standing at least 3 times the height of a Miqo'te. Onya clung to the back of the room and let Ildlie handle things up close with Tal. Their strange new member, the midlander, kept his distance and only muttered some spells intermittently. Onya wondered if he was really doing anything helpful or just reciting the mage alphabet. The fight continued and everything seemed to be going smoothly until one of the nasty fiends smacked Tal upside the head, knocking him out cold. Onya and Wyatt exchanged a quick panicked look. Leafing through her book Onya found the page she was looking for and started tracing a symbol scrawled on the page.

    She focused intently making sure to follow every swiftly drawn line when Wyatt hollered out, "I can hold them off, tend to Tal!"

    Breaking her concentration Onya rushed to Tal's side and started reciting the string of words taught to her by a traveling conjurer that was meant to stop bleeding wounds and return the injured to consciousness. "To the Gods, please let this work," she muttered as the ether energy flowed from her small hands resting delicately on Tal's chest.


    Onya's head snapped toward the noise in alarm, removing her hands from Tal's chest in panic. The towering monster staggered towards her then fell over onto it's face, an arrow protruding from the back of it's head. Wyatt walked up behind it and pulled the arrow out of the creature's head laughing.
    "That was fun! I want more moving targets like this one! Maybe I'll catch one and keep it..."

    "Hey there little one," Tal choked out through a cough.
    "Oh thank the Gods," gasped Onya as she turned her attention to Tal and collapsed on top of him. Gathering her composure, she sat back on her heels and brushed some soot off her duster.
    "Scare me again like that Tal, and I will bring you back and then hurt you myself."

    Liten Ild nudged her side as it tried to get her attention. "What is it Ildie?" Her eyes followed the direction it turned to and saw nothing. At first she was confused until she looked around and realized what was missing, the midlander.

    "Where did he go?" she exclaimed as she rose to her feet clutching her grimoire in alarm.
    "Huh?" Wyatt mumbled as he too looked around for the missing member. "Must'a got scared and high tailed it out of here when he saw 'ole Tal here crumple like a sac of Ziz bait," he stated, "You know, that's why I always say you can't trust a midlander further than you can throw 'em." Wyatt chuckled lightly at his own joke.

    Panicking, Onya started turning around in a circle looking for a sign of him. Every breeze and shift of rubble caused her tail to twitch in fear and her lips to let out a little squeaking noise. Wyatt moved behind her and placed his hands on her shoulder stopping her from the never-ending circling she was doing.

    Onya screamed like she had been stabbed with a dagger and was about to attack when Wyatt said, "Little miss, it's just me. What's wrong?"

    She sighed in relief and snapped her book shut, "What if that stranger isn't gone, but just waiting somewhere in here to kill us? My map is old and could be outdated. We have no idea where we are going or what is in here. What if he's some sort of spy for the Imperial? What if he attacks? What if he tries to take my Ildie? What if..."

    "Stop," Wyatt said sternly, "If he truly isn't gone, then he better pray to the Gods that the creatures in here get him before I do. I am here to protect you, little miss..." he coughed and looked around for a moment making sure no one else was close by to hear them, "I won't let anyone hurt you, Onya."

    Onya stood dumbfounded for a second at hearing Wyatt finally call her by her name. She had been almost begging him to stop calling her "'lil miss" since she first met him. Quickly regaining her composure she looked up at him intensely, stepped back so his arms fell back to his side, and nodded politely.
    "Thank you, Wyatt," she said with a slight smile.

    She pulled her book close to her chest and leaned around Wyatt to check on Tal. He stood a short distance behind them dusting off his armor.

    "Shall we continue then?"
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