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  • I've been in cowbird overwhelm the last few days. So many stories to read, and since my story was featured, so much love. Thank you cowbird for the wonderfully warm welcome, and please forgive that overdone alliteration.

    A few weeks ago I dreamed I had cancer. There was a lump down around the left side of my abdomen. But then at the hospital they found the problem was my heart and I had to have open heart surgery. There must be no surgery more vulnerable-feeling surely. The prospect of having my chest opened and my heart taken out (as this was the procedure in the dream) terrified me, but I was reassured by a burly, bikie guy who'd just gone through it himself. Cut to image of a heart hanging in a blue-lit circular room, a receding background of computer monitors, corridors and a white coat.

    I woke and, consulting my 'Idiot's Guide to Psychoanalysis and Dream Interpretation', decided the dream was telling me I needed to open my heart. No great leap there right?

    (It occurs to me now that the bikie guy as the personification of tough masculinity was giving not only reassurance, but permission.)

    And then after months of meaning to, I finally signed up to cowbird.

    I feel like I am in the middle of open heart surgery. I read story after story, I leave loves (but not always because I want to mean it) and I'm often so moved I wish there was a 'super love' button. I close my lap top feeling refreshed and with an actual feeling of warmth in my chest. Fancy that! A social media site that leaves you feeling good!

    Not sure where I'm going here, just feeling thankful for cowbird.

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