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  • First, I'd like to start this story off by stating that I am teen. I am also being raised in a young generation where many things that are normal are frowned upon. I named this story 'Night-Light' because it is one thing a person my age doesn't believe in, which is what I will aim this story towards.

    In my life i do some of these things that most people my age frown upon. I like a different genre of music-reggae and jazz. Many my age don't listen to reggae, not to mention jazz. I don't care for sports or participating, for i am an arts student-mainly studying theater. This is probably one of the biggest things different about me that is frowned upon. Just imagine being in a classroom full of teens from all different kinds with a different perspective on just about everything except for sports and a few other thing. And imagine them all discussing last nights game, and then one ask you what you thought about it and you respond, "I'm not really into sports. I am more of a theater guy." Could you even imagine those stares that you'd get and how much you'd be talked about. Its even gotten to the point where some of us who're different cant even be ourselves because we're so frowned upon. One other thing that is very hard for anyone my age that is most definitely frowned upon is your sexuality. If you're straight-you're fine. However if you're gay or even bi you are so different from the rest. Its as if you suddenly go from human to some kind of extra-terrestrial alien. Its even gotten to the point where you're not respected when you like both genders or just your gender. And i find this to be such a huge problem because i understand everyone doesn't like gays. It goes against many peoples beliefs and practices. However you don't have to accept their sexuality or support them but you should always respect them because after all they are human, they are functional, and they have that right to be respected and that responsibility to respect you.

    In summation i say to all who are frowned upon and not accepted because they are different to stay different. Everyday someone goes through this situation, but never change because society wants you to. Be who you are. Don't let anyone take that away from you. Because if you allow someone to change you, you might as well be owned by them because you have now given them those abilities to get into your head and do just about whatever they want to you. Yes, keep being who you are. I like theater, not sports-and my generation doesn't care to much about me because of that but do i care-no. Because i know who i am and if others don't like me because of that. than so be it. If you still sleep with a night light in your room at the age of 13, 14, or even 17, and others don't like them, than simply don't mind them. Because if that night-light is what gets you through the dark night than don't let someone else take that away from you. Also, the world needs people like me and like you. Our differences are what drive this world and the ones who are different are 99.9% the ones who succeed. So keep being who you are, because someday the world will acknowledge that and you will become something great.

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