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  • Where do things that are forgotten go?

    They aren’t left to memory…

    They can’t be, memory comes first

    But all things are forgotten…

    Saying this, people still fight for memory

    No not to keep them but to make them

    Is this a feeble effort to fill the space left by the forgotten?

    Or is it the indomitable spirit of humanity.

    To take the certain and make it uncertain.

    That if even one thing is left to memory it disproves that everything is eventually forgotten.

    But then which is more powerful?

    That which is forgotten or that which is left to memory?

    The forgotten cages secrets, secrets hold strength

    But memory holds character, but it doesn’t build it.

    Memory comes from that which has built character and feeds off that moment in time.

    So what does it hold?

    It’s not a secret?

    Why does it aggravate someone so much when they forget what they are about to say?

    And why is it so exciting to remember an impactful event?

    Memories are just some echo in eternity that hold people to their pasts.

    These echoes keep people from moving on, forgetting becomes their strength.

    No it’s not forgetting, it’s overcoming.

    To remember being hurt and to smile.

    That’s truly forgetting.

    Because whatever hurt you has lost its power.

    And that power has become yours.

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