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  • A man sits solemnly with his back transposed to the edge of reality, whilst his eyes stare across a field of quiet sentiment. A small layer of sand exists between him and the edge slowly falling towards the clutches of his mind, unseen to others. One choice to move backwards and he will fall into banished dreams, that have been removed from the possibility of becoming his reality. In contrast the field that has become his current reality contains nothing for the man to strive for.

    This man is one among the many stuck in this frozen reality, unsure whether he should wander the field, or chance the dive into the unknown. Of course as with any dive, a dive contains consequences. Which is what he fears. Even though these consequences could change him for the better, he still fears the Kierkagaardian leap he must take to make his backing his new front. But the front is soothing, it is peaceful, it contains neither happiness nor sadness, it is the heart of neutrality, and being so, his feelings towards it ate completely neutral. While this abyss in which he has banished to his back contains both happiness and sadness and no possibility of equilibrium, it is one or the other, this is what he fears. The field is his reality, the abyss is his dreams, yet he has no knowledge of how to distinguish one from the other.

    Within this abyss lies a new life. It contains premonitions of things yet to come, if a man so chooses to dive into this endless mire of conflicting emotions. The risk is very real, which is why this man fears it. Within his field of neutrality contains his chosen life. A life without risk or consequence, therefore a life without happiness. This is a life which contains a continued stream of discontinued risks. These risks leading to his true happiness that lies within his dreams, which lie in the abyss. Every dream contains a false reality, but this false reality could actually be one's ignorance to his true capabilities within life. Yet he chooses to stare solemnly at the field. Of course taking the dive crosses his mind excessively. But as with the abyss he puts these thoughts back and allows the field to remain his current front.

    The layer of sand is possibility. It is change. It is happiness. It is sorrow. It continues to take this endless dive into the depths of his sleeping mind, where it is left for none to see. Each grain that falls is a lost possibility. Yet he continues to allow them to fall. Each grain represents thought. It is a dream. It is a possible future that he has created for himself but fears to take the dive alongside each grain. He is the creator of this sand. It pours out of him and continues into the abyss. He tries to easily grip the sand, but changing reality is not easy, so it slowly falls into the abyss. He is yet again left with two choices. remain in this solemn field of neutrality, or follow this sand to possible bliss or sorrow. But he fears that sorrow is a possibility. This possibility of sorrow was of his own creation, and that is why he fears it the most. He fears it to such a degree that he has allowed it to strike blindness into his possibility of happiness, and to force him to remain in this solemn world.

    A man sits solemnly with his back transposed to the edge of reality. Subtly he sifts his hands through the endless grains of sand. One choice to move backwards and he will fall into a dream that is now his choice to become his reality. His hand shutters through his subtle sifting, as he begins to realize he has to choose between two worlds. HIs breath accelerates as adrenaline advances through his very being. The sand begins to dissipate as less dreams go through creation. The decision to make his new front is made. Trembling he stands and turns toward the abyss. Now seeing it for the first time in all of its unconfined sporadic glory, he wonders why he ever chose to look across that field. He stumbles towards the end of his created platform of possibility. And takes a dive

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