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  • I recently read somewhere that best friends is a genre and its meaning isn't literal. That it cannot be just one person. The post got me thinking.

    I've had a few friends. I've loved them with all my heart and tried to be there for them. But there is one, just one person who defines BEST for me.

    My house and my heart are like the walls of Troy. Why…you ask? It's simple. I'm a hard worker but my best quality is loyalty. And the ferocity in my loyalty to my best friend could not be replicated if you put a gun to my head. Believe me, I've tried only to realise that, I'd rather die.

    She died 8 years ago but she's never past tense to me. She is my everyday reality.

    I go to bed with her dreams on my mind and wake up next to her sunshine smile.

    I feel the chill every year that one freak day and I share her warmth the rest of the year.

    I've given myself one day to cry for her and the rest of it just to spread her love.

    I made the mistake of trying to find her in others.

    I got hurt and learned that I she's unique.

    No one can beat her, no one can be her.

    Yes I've given it a thought and no I don't agree with the writer of that post. There can only be one best. Or maybe I'm just lucky that I could decide. Or even better, I was chosen to meet the best.

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