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  • Where is the truth?

    I asked a banker

    He looked up from ranked and ordered sheets,

    surprised I asked at all,

    “It’s in the numbers.

    They never lie,”

    said he and rubbed the crest upon the wall (for luck):

    Arm linked arm the suited brethren stand,

    a stalwart bulwark across The Street

    Holding back Chaos’s unruly multitude

    Their motto:

    “Give me an algorithm or give me naught”

    Where is the truth?

    I asked a salesman.

    “If it sells it’s true,”

    he proclaimed

    adjusting the magic mirror to catch his better side.

    “They tell you it is about manufacturing the goods,” he laughed.

    “I’m here to say, it’s all about manufacturing need from want and Lord knows there’s plenty of that to go around.

    Truth ain’t changed since the serpent sold Eve what she already had.”

    Where is the truth?

    I asked a holy man.

    “Truth is the word and the word is truth,” and he went on and on with chapter and verse all ground exceedingly fine.

    then he turned and looked down on me, demanded,

    “Now tell me son, don’t you have something to confess.”

    I told him, truthfully, I got lost somewhere between belief and faith.

    I was tired then and sat beside a field and watched a child play.

    She offered me a mud pie, said they were very fine.

    I said the frosting looked divine.

    While we ate I asked, So, where is truth?

    "It’s all around," she laughed and made another round.

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