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  • Talking: an incessant scattering of words

    creep across the front of my brain as I watch.

    My heart rate increases.

    My breath hitches in mid-stride.

    You don’t see me but I see you

    floating on your back,

    with the sun glinting across your perfect male body.

    A hum, low in my throat escapes.

    I feel like growling.

    A thrumming starts low in my belly, singing a needy song.

    Everything moves toward my temporal cortex;

    adrenaline and hormones running amuck while I stare.

    The scent of lilacs and something else…

    foreign but familiar stand beside me, waiting.

    I take a towel from a nearby chair and walk,

    as I huff out air trying to resist,

    while my lips grin of their own accord.

    You turn and smile as your eyebrows rise.

    “Hi babe,” you say, looking me up and down.

    “Hi back,” I say. “Let’s go home. I think I need a nap.”

    My eyes watch your lips lift with a smirk. “Think so?”

    You know me well…so well I grin again, wider still.

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