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  • The nominees for best supporting rainbow:

    The famous one that toweled dry my street

    From far beyond the puddled county line

    To dripping heads inside Ed's barber shop.

    The double rainbow I left early for,

    The right one spelling backwards ROY G BIV

    Just as Wikipedia said it would.

    The Vermont daytrip rainbows,

    Briefly bridging disconnected hills

    To speed our way to nowhere in particular.

    The rainbow whose terminus

    A second story window photograph

    Conclusively establishes

    Was in my own backyard,

    Though everyone I tell is unimpressed,

    As if a pot of gold was how you tell.

    And the winner is:

    The time a teenaged girl walked past

    My son and I in silence as we arced

    Our way across the still-wet parking lot,

    The day-glo rainbow in the purple sky

    So big and bright and close

    A watercolor halo seemed to perch

    Atop her head, as she walked, unaware,

    Some exercise routine or part-time job,

    Filling the head the rainbow had encircled.

    "Look", I said, and pointed to the sky

    She hadn't seen conspiring behind her.

    The splash of mild confusion on her face,

    As she stopped and slowly turned around,

    Dissolved as quickly as the rainbow would

    By the time she reached her ride back home,

    And the mom and little sister I imagined

    Annoyingly described what she had missed,

    If she had missed it.

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