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  • There is a certain........emptiness,

    neither good nor bad,

    a limbo in which time does not exist.

    I wake, go through the motions,

    of the day.....perhaps

    my mind refuses to acknowledge time.

    The inescapable conclusion of us all. Time.

    Words and deeds cannot fill the emptiness

    the infinite expanses between us. Perhaps

    the heart is much too fragile to accept the bad,

    so we continue out of habit, routine motions,

    the familiar places where our souls exist.

    We cannot live merely to exist.

    Passions flair, emotions rise, and time

    will not allow us to remain in stasis. Motion

    is our natural condition. From life to emptiness

    goes against our spirit. So we forget the bad

    in favor of the hope of something more. Perhaps

    we reach for new horizons, perhaps

    we reconcile with the past, find a way to exist

    where promises of something yet unseen overshadow bad.

    Within our barren souls we know that time

    consumes us. And while we live, we seek to fill the emptiness

    creating temporary havens, repeating motions

    as if they carried meaning, allowing base emotions

    to drive us; frenzied, meaningless creatures. Perhaps

    our need to fill this emptiness

    is not divine, but driven by this longing to exist,

    to somehow find a way to conquer time,

    to cure the sorrow, stem the bad.

    Yet we realize there is not good or bad,

    but what we make, our actions set in motion

    all we see before us. In time,


    we will learn what we must to exist

    and fill this emptiness.

    Until then, emptiness exists. Perhaps

    the bad emotions are immune to time.


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