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  • it was poisoned from the beginning

    I gave too much always sought approval because I thought it would make me whole

    when I found out that only I could make myself whole, the poison seeped in and began to rot away the core of what we had

    we turned into the people that we were all along

    and although we changed we held on to what we had because what we had had held our broken pieces together

    but then I realized that if I saw you walking down the street coming toward me I would not want to be your friend I would feel threatened by that face I know so well I would feel unwelcome in your life

    we were so close and yet it only took one crack to shatter it all and now

    its like we’re strangers and

    its like you could live without me

    its like things could go on

    its like life moves on even when your everything stops

    even when what has held you together for so long is suddenly gone and you have to adjust your entire being to fill in that hollow in your chest

    that place that you grew around

    and it’s a you shaped hole that can’t be filled.

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