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  • Unexpected Birth

    Sitting by the window I watch the


    sun unfold

    and stretch its long, giddy rays.

    They dance through a crisp mural

    of autumn,

    the clusters of light churn and fuse

    in celebration of something;

    something set free from the


    Maybe it is the birth of this new day.


    it is the birth of something else.

    Whatever the cause for such merriment

    it looks as if a shower of diamond chips

    has been delivered.

    Almost as if the Luna Moth chiseled speckles

    from faraway stars and released them

    scattering them in my backyard so that

    brilliant light

    could romp and play there.

    Its radiance is so captivating that even

    the Grackle has no choice

    but to soothe her baby

    and croon to the morning a love song.

    But, on the wall behind me

    I see black shadows that

    stain and smash the dazzling light.

    The blackness is like something that

    Satan sent.

    It moves in jerky, chaotic motions without

    so much as a trace of graceful orchestration.

    It’s like hearing the cello howl at its strings.

    All I need to do is turn around,

    direct my attention


    to see

    this thing of beauty that lies before me.

    Only then can I


    a precious diamond chip

    in my arms

    and cradle the sweet lullaby of

    unexpected birth.

    Pamela Wilonski

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