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  • Yes, I met my soulmate on the internet. While I had no preconceived notions of where I would meet my soulmate (I always thought it would be at a charity event or something) it just happened to be online. When I saw that face in his profile photo, I just knew.

    I knew because he had large kind eyes. I knew because he had the kind of light and carefree hair I would love to run my fingers through for years to come. I knew because his description was both fun and loving. I knew because he looked almost exactly like the sweet boy I once met at a charity event. I fell for that boy instantly. Everything from his unique face to his personality were perfect, but that boy belonged to someone else.

    When I finally met my soulmate, it was indeed love at first sight. At the time that we met I was in dark and scary place in my mind, a place that transcended the mind as was weakening havoc on my body as well. But my soulmate helped bring about the kind of change that no doctor or pill was ever able to. He did something to my brain chemistry within weeks of our meeting, and suddenly, I felt so much better that I was shocked by the change he was able to bring about in such a short amount of time.

    It had been 7 years since I was with someone like him. I waited 7 long years to feel a love like this again. 7 years of bad timing, lame rules imposed by others and the havoc of moving around kept pushing back our chance to meet. But now we are finally together, and everything is different. He literally changed me inside and out.


    So which site did I meet my soulmate on? It was

    I know what you were thinking, I would have thought that too while reading this story.

    This isn't an ad for a pet adoption site, this is a story of the strength and importance of the relationship between human and animal. Anyone who knows me personally knows how Monty, my adopted terrier mix (seen in the background of the photo that comes with this story) changed my life. I saved him and he saved me. He saves me everyday when my mind starts to wander back into the dark scary corners it often likes to dwell. He reminds me to stay humble, true and to not only love, but know what it is to allow someone else to love you back. It has been 7 years since I owned a dog. A older story of mine here on Cowbird is about the loss of my first dog Karo, whom I still miss to this day.

    I wrote this story today because my heart breaks for the plight of stray animals in Sochi. Its a well known fact that stray animals get destroyed when big games come to a town, and its not just something that is unique to Russia, this happened at other Olympics too. Because I am from Russia and because I love animals, I ask you to help by lending your voice to this petition to help save these amazing dogs:

    Keep and open mind and an open heart and I promise you that maybe your soulmate is waiting for you somewhere online too, waiting to be rescued from his shelter and then rescue you right back.


    Week 5 of 52 - Story a Week in 2014

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