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  • She sits in class as her eyeglasses give bright attention

    A loner she was no friends and ugly


    I feel her pain

    But dare not say anything in class

    But she isolates herself in her own world

    With her insecurities that beauty


    People noticed her alright

    Alright, I feel, I guess this is school

    A long time ago

    Where I sit behind her

    In a seat with warmth from twenty other kids

    I was a kid but everyone was

    And what do children do??

    They play the social game where they pick on

    Hormonal zits

    That we share

    Her and I

    Alone with the insecurities

    A so called loser

    Yes I like that now

    Because I still am

    Without scars

    But this isn’t about me

    It’s about her

    A young girl in high school

    I feel her pain

    But kept my mouth shut

    She was poor

    Ragged clothes

    And homemade dresses

    Who is she?

    They know her

    I guess

    But I know her

    I see me

    I kind of was happy because I am not the only one

    A victim of high school

    But she had it worse than I

    She was a total loser

    Where I wasn’t

    I kept my mouth shut

    And seared her with my pain

    With her pain

    That kept her close to her own world

    Where she wasn’t safe there at all

    She was genuine though

    A true seed

    Brilliant but doesn’t shine just yet

    Then one day she had enough of her world

    She stood up to her class mates

    Even me

    And even the teacher

    Who favored her not

    And she stood up

    With a tear

    To share her world

    To the class

    And she spoke like an angel

    To save us all

    To give us the reason to life

    She said, “What is so wrong with me?”

    They all laughed

    She spoke again with fierce

    She spoke out of fury

    She told everyone what it is like to be her

    She just wiped her tear and said, “Now this is true strength!!!

    All you popular kids dare not stand up with a heart!!

    Without seeing the truth about yourselves!!!

    And I say that I am not like you

    Because I say this

    Only to give you my heart

    I will always remember my heart

    Because that I love, I should dare not say, but, all of you have lost your heart

    But I do say it

    And I give this as a gift

    To all of you

    For what true beauty is

    Is the strength to stand up to all of you

    With beauty in my heart

    To face all your ugliness

    But I say thank you all

    For making me do this

    For making me have a beauty that no one will understand

    And to find true strength to be proud of who I am!!!”

    So everyone just sat there

    Shocked that this introverted young woman

    Had spoken with such power

    Then all the unpopular kids stood up

    Clapped and found that the truth

    Is true kindness

    Even if it is out of anger

    Found she still loved all of them

    All of us

    How?? I ask

    And here I am thinking about her

    I wish her well

    As that day

    Because we all clapped to give her

    Our beauty to her

    And we all actually got along


    Where high school was a blessing

    Because of this young mature woman

    Who had shook the whole school

    With her powerful voice

    From her heart

    The true power

    Now a blossomed angel

    And that is why

    I have a heart


    And I say

    Thank you

    For my true voice


    (Picture by me. I have the need to draw now for some reason... I think I will draw a self portrait... maybe tomorrow... I don't really know.. :)

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