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  • I hear a lot about "science" and "scientists" from folks who don't work/play in the field of science.

    It's fascinating and also frustrating to hear people reduce scientific inquiry to "people in white lab coats" making detached and limited rules and declarations that then influence our society and lives.

    I struggle with how to respond to this.

    I want to push back and question just what they perceive as being science and who they perceive as scientists.

    The photo above is my kitchen table, I'm drinking tea in my pajamas and doing science.

    I'm downloading and analyzing data from temperature sensors placed in high elevation wetlands in the beginning of the summer and retrieved in the fall.

    There are no white lab coats.

    There's no high-handed dismissal of anything that does not fall within the strictest logic or reason.

    It is messy at times, and includes a lot of intuition and curiosity.

    And yet, it's science.

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