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  • Little note: The word "Enamorirse" does not exist in Spanish. This is a wordplay I found written on a wall, mixing "Enamorarse" (Fall in love) with "Morirse" (to die). "Killing love" could be a possible translation from "Enamorirse" into English, I guess.

    True love won't kill you. (Well, I hope so).

    True love keeps you awake, alive, open and connected.

    True love makes you feel fragile and safe, different and similar, small and big at the same time. It surprises you, it forgives you, it makes you smile, create, share, discuss... and forget.

    Piece by piece, touch by touch, day after day:

    -How good, that you exist.

    True love may be a light that keeps you warm and helps you grow, little by little. Even when it's dark, and you don't know, or you don't want, or you don't care.

    ... Or you just didn't learn how to say "I love you".

    I haven't met him yet.

    But if this ever happens, some "killing experiences" will help me understand the difference.

    And recognize him. (Well, I hope so).

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