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  • Best Laid Plans and other things

    Since you have the option of starting the music now, I suggest you do...and CRANK IT!

    Okay, normal morning, got to sleep in a bit which felt very good. Olivia is on the floor as I am pulling my shorts on, ready to head down the stairs and out the back door for her constitutional, so I pop open my door and follow her down, disable the alarm and let her out. Use the downstairs bathroom, and fill up the cat bowls, pull out a few items for breakfast, and start a pot of coffee. Since today is laundry day, I head back upstairs to collect the towels and hampers and grab the kitchen towels on the way back through. By this time, Olivia is scratching at the back door, so I open it and let her follow me down the basement stairs while I sort the laundry and start the first load. Grab a frozen whole chicken out of the freezer as I head up the stairs to start breakfast.

    As I am making breakfast, I notice on of the can lights above the microwave is out, so I get my trusty power screwdriver ($9.65+tax at WallyWorld, battery powered, and one of the best ten buck purchases I have ever made), and undo the three screws for the cover. Reach up to unscrew the bulb and, aw %$&#!, the bulb comes out without the thread. The metal is still in the socket.

    My house was build in 1950, which is pretty old when it comes to appliances and fixtures. I tried the old trick of using a pair of pliers to try to unscrew the metal base from the socket, no success. Then I tried to get a pair of wire cutters in there to clip away a bit of the base and be able to pull the old base out in pieces. No joy. Time for a trip to the Hardware store after I get the fixture open to see what I am dealing with.

    Ate breakfast first, a short stack of pancakes with layered sausage in between, drank a cup of coffee, and got the step stool out to examine the fixture in detail. Again, no joy. Old fixture with weak screws holding into a fascia instead of solid wood. Grrrrr. From replacing a light bulb to a full rebuild in under a heartbeat. Oh, well.

    Long story short, made the trip to the hardware store for a new light base, came back to the house and managed to remount the can using long decking screws to attach the can past the fascia into solid wood and remounted everything. Problem solved.

    By then, of course, the first load was through the dryer, so I unloaded and folded the towels, transferred the cottons into the dryer and put the delicate items into the washer, and proceeded to fold and put away the towels. Once that was accomplished, I was about to sit down to my morning reading when another chore came up and I was once again distracted, hauling various bags out to the garage attic and helping to move things about on the shelves. By the time that was done, I was back down in the basement removing the cotton items from the dryer, folding them, and putting the delicate load in the dryer.

    Which is when I decided to get on the Gazelle. Grabbed my freshly washed workout towel and bandana and cranked up the AC/DC on my MP3 player and headed to town. Thirty three minutes and forty five seconds later, the workout was done, my freshly washed towel was once again grungy with sweat, and I felt energized.

    Whoa, Fred. Isn't this entry supposed to be about working out? What is all that stuff before you get to the Gazelle.

    It's real life, my friends. My intention was to begin today with the workout, but life has a way of turning your intentions into memories, doesn't it.

    I've managed to do a few more things since then, and yes, I did get a bit of a nap later in the afternoon, but the point should be clear. Regardless of life's little interruptions, I did the workout. I could have laid on the procrastination button, told myself I'll skip a day and it won't matter. But it does matter. Start putting things off like that, and it's like tipping the first domino in one of those art projects. One goes, they all go.

    Call it discipline, dedication, routine or habit, once you have started an exercise program, you have to see it through. How's yours going?

    Hope you all had a blessed day.


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