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  • Thanks for introducing this idea of writing about where we’re from, Deniz! I loved yours and Geoff’s story poems describing where you’re from – some of your descriptions just floored me. I especially loved the chuckling streams – I will be keeping my eyes and ears open for chuckling streams from now on!

    Lynderella had introduced this concept back in May, and I just realized, as I reread the two poems (Parts 1 and 2) that I wrote then about where I’m from - that was what started me back into writing poetry again, after a 30 + year hiatus from it! It kind of opened a door that had been closed for a long time, and I am digging where it led me. I love poetry, and to find myself able to write it again – it’s like finding an old friend you thought you’d never see again.

    So, with no further ado – here’s Part 3 of where I am from.

  • I am from Old Thomond Bridge

    Built in 1210 in old Limerick

    Spanned the River Shannon to County Clare by my kin

    A bridge of sturdy construct, stone in a wood bridge era

    Built to last– more than half a millenium, then rebuilt for more

  • I am from Great Grandpa Martin and Alsace Lorraine

    A child immigrant to Pittsburgh, went to war as a young teen

    A proud man of peace for the rest of his days,

    Returned to the battle scene 75 years hence

    Built to last – the last surviving one when he went

  • I am from namesake, Pete Egan, he who left me more

    Than just a name – Irish pride, fighting spirit, addiction for sure

    His daughter my mother was also bound, but found a way out

    Turned a family history ‘round, leading thousands to freedom

    From slavery to a substance - an legacy for which I’m proud

  • I am from the son of a salesman but no salesman he

    James, a man of music and a teller of story

    A gentle man, a moral man, of the spirit, the search

    Never knew what I had in Dad until late in his life

    Best years of where I’m from were those last years of his

  • I am from Thoreau and Emerson, Walden Pond and enlightening

    From Kerouac and Dylan, going on the road to find out

    From the Beatles and the Stones, rock ‘n ‘roll my soundtrack

    From Michener and Brautigan, from diverse worlds of words

    From Woodstock and diamonds, live music and sports

    I am from friends who have made me the richest of men

    Like those who went before me I’ve learned to build bridges

    Connections and ways to span rivers of doubt

    Laughter and stories and song I’m about

    Learning and growing and seeking to find out

    I am from the hot corner, the living in the moment right now

    Keep on your toes and be ready for a drive

    Put the glove down before the ball does arrive

    Field the ball cleanly and gun the runner down

    In the moment, fearless, there’s no other time

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