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  • My cabbie is white and old, with all white hair, alert eyes, a Staten Island accent, and thin, wire-framed glasses.

    "Is this your neighborhood?" he asks.

    "Yeah... yeah." I say.

    "I met my wife around here."

    "Is that right? That's lovely..."

    "Yes... yep."

    "That's nice... I don't know where to find eligible men in this city."

    "Yes, that's the thing, most guys just want to jump in the sack."

    I laugh. "Yes, yes, something like that."

    "And they don't want to commit. They never want to commit."

    "Oh! Wow... well... yes."

    "But I'm sure it's not a problem for you. You're young, hot... Yeah, it's not a problem for you."

    "Well, thank you."

    "What are you, 20?"

    "Yeah, well, 23."

    We cross a few avenues while he talks aloud about the traffic and other drivers.

    "You know, once I had this girl in my cab who said, 'Joe, I can't find any men.'"

    "Oh yeah?"

    "I told her to get a dog."


    "And then she met her husband! Do you know how? Walking her dog. She was walking her dog and he was walking his. She invited me and my wife to her wedding."

    He pauses.

    "Do you know the flood?"


    "There was this flood, and they lived in this building where they had to walk their dogs in the basement. That's how they met."

    "Oh. Oh. I see."

    "Do you ever go to the club on 46th?"

    "No.. no I don't."

    "Well yeah you should check it out."


    "But I guess—can you do that? Are you a workaholic?"

    "Me? Well.. I don't know. When you start at the bottom I guess you just keep working."

    "Yeah. Well what are you doing tomorrow?"


    "On a Saturday?"


    "What about Sunday?"




    "So you are a workaholic."

    "I guess so."

    "Well when you go to this place, and you meet someone, you just remember who sent you."


    "That's our deal—you'll take me to coffee."


    We stop in front of Chelsea Market.

    "Well it was lovely to meet you. What's your name?"


    "Nice to meet you Joe. I'm Jennie."

    "Nice to meet you too."

    I step out of the cab.

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