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  • I think back to my first power point presentation maybe in middle school or high school. I had worked all night to create an exciting power point and in the end, my power point kind of blended in with all the other e power point presentations. Let’s fast forward a couple years; I was now a freshman in college still doing the same mediocre boring power points. We were doing group projects in one of the classes I was in and when a group came in and kind of wowed everyone by using this new presentation tool called Prezi. Of course, after I saw this I wanted to use this for our next group presentation but what I didn’t expect from my group was reluctance. So the question that sparked in my head is just because something is new, does it make it better and if it is better what makes people more reluctant to use it? So my group and I were going back and forth. When you have a group of seven people going back and forth about a presentation tool can sometimes be frustrating. But I realized that some people are open-minded and some people are close-minded so what you have to do is build a case for yourself. I knew we all had the same end goals and I knew we all wanted to high grades but we all had different methods to achieve this goal. So what I ended up doing in the end is making my own mock presentation using Prezi and I wowed my group. When they saw all the things we could do with this new tool I got them on board but when something is new people are going to be reluctant but you kind of have to push forward and prove yourself. You have to sell it even in a group setting. In this case using Prezi paid off in the end, Like the group I saw present, we wowed the others around us and our professor. It was more interactive and more fun because it was something that people haven’t seen before. Sometimes new is always better, sometimes new is not always better it just depend on the situation. "Leadership Stories UT"

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