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  • . Yesterday my taxi driver was an older man. As we are under another Tropical Depression here we commented the weather and then turned to the WEATHER OF LIFE: rain and sunshine always transforming into each other. Tropical Depression

    “I am in a difficult moment in my life," the man confessed," My daughter - in - law has been diagnosed with Breastcancer. She is in Mexico City now and needs an operation urgently. But she has a strange blood group and in all our family just mine matches hers. To be able to operate on her the doctors need blood of her type to be donated. That is why I have to save all the money I can to be able to pay my bus ticket to the city. This month - as you know – business is extremely low, all my colleges are complaining, but I am quite fine, I am making enough money and I hope that within the next two weeks I can take the bus and donate the blood so that hopefully her life can be saved. She is just 23 years old."

    The least I can do is paying him the double fee.

    Maybe fury can give us power for a while. The Power Of Fury But I also ask myself what will become of a person in the long run if there is just fury.

    What sustains me in difficult times seems to be all the joy that I have had - or still have. Each and every time I enjoy something, I feel how joy nourishes my faith in myself and in life and that faith gives me strength to keep enduring whatever there comes that has to be endured and worked through.

    I was just chewing on all this when I found a package from our Cowbird - friend George Summers at home: a book, a sweet letter and this gorgeous photograph of her son Jacob.

    This shot does not just show what a sweet boy Georges´ baby - son is, to me it expresses so much more: this image expresses a concentration of all we seem to be looking for during most of our lifetimes: pure and intense joy absolutely in the HERE AND NOW and in this case: getting lost in and absorbed by the sweetness and stickiness of ice - cream.

    I guess that even during the worst of all childhoods we all have been at this spot, at least for short whiles. We grow up and most of us lose that ability of bathing in joy soon.

    I have caught myself dreaming about my next ice - cream while I was still eating this one.

    Maybe that is why we nearly all fall victim to the inner hungry ghosts: we are seldom completely HERE: with this person, friend, lover, partner, piece of work, cup of coffee. We run too fast, trying to manipulate the future for more, much more, of this or that and the joy in THIS MOMENT cannot absorb us anymore, this moment loses us and while we chase after fantasies of more we lose the most precious gift that we will ever receive in this lifetime.

    Sometimes growing old forces us back to the HERE AND NOW, maybe because we grow conscious of the fact that there is not so much more future or maybe because our memory and control over the future wane. Then, just like Jesus said (I am not very Christian, but didn´t he say that?) we can become children again and have a chance to enter Heaven. Heaven is where Jacob is in this picture: enjoying an absolute HERE AND NOW!

    This reminds me of my late friend Jane Taylor, whose last task in her long life was to eat chocolate ice - cream right before she died. Her Last Ice - Cream


    Photography by Georges Summers ( Her son Jacob)

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