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  • Here in Chicago there are many different communities and lifestyles throughout the entire city. However, in Pilsen, where I live, you would always see murals throughout the entire day, and each of these murals would tell a story. However, not all murals tell a story but more of an expression that the artist may have felt.

    Pilsen is well known as a Mexican Neighborhood. Throughout this neighborhood, you can see a mixture of Mexican culture and American. However, many murals are influenced greatly with Mexican customs and beliefs. Some murals tell stories about how life is in Mexico and the history of it. These murals connects us to Mexico reminding us to value our culture no matter where we live.

    In my community there are places where it tends to be very empty and quiet, but no matter where you go you will always see at least one mural, even if the place seems abandon. These murals give a sense of hope and joy to the community. It brings an abandon lot or sidewalk back to life.

    Creativity and art is seen throughout my community and it gives off a feeling of warmth, because you tend to feel united in some way. These murals are seen throughout the entire community and every time I see one I feel safe. Just as I said before it gives off a feeling as if your at home, and as if you were surrounded by people who care.

    Each mural is different, however, most tell a story about hope and how you should always move forward even if, at times, it leads to tears. We are encouraged to do our very best and to express ourselves. Therefore, many chose to express themselves by painting and creating murals giving color and joy to our community. Here we treat each other with respect especially with any decisions you make in your life. We are as family and these murals and artwork somehow brings us all together.

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