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  • Last night I was running from the cops. I can't quite remember why but I was running for my dear life, and my brother was running with me. I kept looking back at the cops and yelling, "He's just a kid! He's just a baby!" as my seven year old brother struggled to keep up, I knew that without my sacrificing my own life, he wouldn't make it. A loud noise went off BOOM. Another BOOM. My vision blurred and my knees gave. I looked down and there was blood splattered all across my pants. I was shot in the knee caps.

    "Baby boy, go run home and get mommy. Go as fast as you can," I yelled to my brother as he ran off crying. Another BOOM went off and suddenly I couldn't feel my lower body any longer. It was nice to not be able to feel the pain, but still unnerving to know I was losing that much blood. I was down, and it was for good. To my surprise the cops gave up after that and abandoned me in the middle of the street like some dog they had hit. There I was, stuck lying there. A hopeless, helpless dog. A bright light shined into my eyes and I could feel the sting penetrate my retinas. She was there. Helping me. "Thank you God" was all I could think. My mind was elsewhere. I was fading faster and faster. Then suddenly I heard Hillary Duff's song "WakeUp" playing. Initially it was a shock, but then I opened my eyes and found myself to be staring at my ceiling in my bedroom, not the night sky, and I found myself to by laying in bed, not on the cold sidewalk. I attempted to lift myself up, and achieved relinquishing my torso from the bed, and as for my legs... well they never made it past the sheets.

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