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  • 東大寺(Todaiji-temple), which is one of the most famous temple in Japan, has many 堂(Dou - sub-temple) in its ground. The most famous one of the 堂 is 二月堂(Nigatsu-dou), I think. 二月堂 is very famous because of お水取り(Omizutori) event. お水取り is one of the buddhist traing of 東大寺. In the event the buddhists of 東大寺 blandish the flaming 松明(Taimatsu - torch) on the stage of 二月堂. It's simply powerful. You can see the image of event at the wikipadia修二会.

    But it's not お水取り what I'm going to write. When I biked 二月堂 last week, I found a little notice at the corner of its ground.

  • This notice is put on the side of small ditch. It says:

    This ditch is the house of little freshwater crabs. The number of them is decreasing. Please don't catch them.

    The viewpoint of 観音(Kannon - the princpal object of 二月堂) is sympathetic. I like 二月堂 so much.

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