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  • Moving in myself

    along the reef and forests

    of sea trees to the surface

    down to the bottom

    a brown beer bottle

    I squeeze in as I blink my eye

    I'm confined

    I'm free to rest

    in my beer bottle cocoon

    awake, I rise and

    my arms reach

    sucking, inhaling,

    clinging to a crab

    I touch it with my arms

    so that my many suckers

    can saver the meal

    so content am I

    I float arms out stretched

    and capture the color

    as I can see through my skin

    in my arms, around and around

    as I play in the tides

    I can move through the water

    at break neck speeds

    or crawl out of the water to capture escaping prey

    I camouflage myself and disappear from predators

    I am all consciousness

    I’m not a centralized self

    to know me you would have to be me

    I'm beyond your power to comprehend

    I am the water and the waves

    I am Athena of the ocean

    I wear no shell

    I’m the sepia ink in your pen

    and the sea from your shore

    • • •

    Try as I may, I can never imagine the wonder and untold beauty of her world.

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