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  • When ever I listen to Aazan, the call for Prayers there is a strange feeling within. I just want to close my eyes, pay attention to every single word uttered and relax. In doing to I can see my future before me, the inevitable reality. To envisage ourselves in our Real future is not easy.

    The world is changing at a very fast pace however, in my future world nothing really changes. The sun will rise the usual way every morning, people will go to work, it will rain where it has to, natural disasters will occur when and where they are suppose to. Then the sun will set the routine way. People will make news, people will be in news. So finally the day will come to an end bringing either sorrow or happiness to every single soul connected. Most important of all the 5 times call for Prayers will be heard around the world on there scheduled time.

    6 feet under ground I will wonder in my past when I was very much alive I used to think when I will be uprooted and buried there will be one only one thing which will connect me to the living world over me

    Aazan, the call for prayers

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