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  • I had a dream about you last night. And you know, I don’t remember dreams much. But this one woke me.

    We were in a lake house. A large lake house. The light was ethereal.

    Even in the dream I wondered – what place are we – earth, future, past ...the light, that light covered your face, a golden glow. You were younger but not young. Fifty something maybe. Handsome as always.

    Behind us, elsewhere in the house, could be heard laughter, patter of feet, I felt your daughter there and her children somewhere in a kitchen just out of sight. Even though my eyes were focused on you, behind you dimly I saw my son in a lounge chair reading contentedly.

    But it was you. You who captured my vision. You were freed from something. Looking out the large windows, bathed in a light so golden, so foreign, perhaps Italy. I was mesmerized watching you.

    Then your head, your face turned to me. Quickly. You locked eyes with me. Your eyes burned so bright. It was as if every piece of armor you carried and covered yourself with had fallen away. Melted, dropped, gone. There you were, glowing from inside and from outside.

    “I love you.” You said. “I love you. I love this house. I love our family. I’m so happy.” You smiled and held my hand. You stared intently into my eyes.

    I was shocked. I couldn’t say anything.

    “What’s wrong?” you asked.

    “You never talk to me like this.” I stammered. “You never say these things.”

    “I love you.” You said. “I love you.”

    And then, I woke up. Crying. Well, teared at least. As I am now.

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