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  • I was planning to buy some weed that afternoon.

    The day was sunny and the ending summer made me felt comfortable.

    I had planned all. First I had to go to Venice, to my brand new univesity's campus. I had to sign something and get my new booklet. Later, I'd have lunch out in the sun, I probably would have meet someone I knew and we'd have got drunk. And, finally, at four o’clock, the meeting with the pusher, a young guy from Mestre. Things went by untill I left the campus with my booklet. I felt strange, as I've forgot something, or I've loose it someway. Fortunately, I've meet Ricardo before that morning, he had to register himself as well and being together made me felt better and we went to get lunch.

    We drunk two glasses of wine each before order some food. We were in a bacaro near my cousin's University. He was studying architecture as he still is. We were buying two large cutting board full of sandwiches and two more glasses of wine, when I eard a voice I knew behind me.

    -The same for me -

    The space was small and a lot of students and old drunkers were pushing to order. I turn my head to realise what I already Knew.

    It was my cousin talking to me.

    We sitted on the church step and while eating and talking meaningless my cousin went and got one new glass of wine each. Then Ricardo did the same. And then me, again. The sun was warm, I was getting drunk, the plan was working.

    After lunch my cousin drove us inide the Architecture’s campus. We walked straight to the garden where we met some of his collegues. One of them I already knew was talking about his thesis, he was going to be a doctor. I started to feel weak, like I was sick. It was just a moment, but I still remember it as the beginning of the crisis. Then my cousin pass me a large joint he was smoking and we looked around wondering there was nobody else in the garden in such a beautifull day.

    At three o’clock I was ready to leave, I had to met my man.

    - So, what were you doing here? – my cousin said.

    Ricardo answered first – We enrolled in the university. We are students, now -

    -Yeah, again- my cousin said.

    My head was spinning in that moment, I felt the cold sweat on my neck. Then Ricardo said what I hoped he won’t said.

    – We’ve got our new booklet, I'll show you –

    They insisted I shown mine. I guess I didn’t knew why I was so scared of my booklet, but I still feel bad when I think that moment

    I opened it. It was completely blank. My 16 exams, the last two years of my life, totally deleted. I'd never thought in that way about my choices. Never untill that moment.

    I was able to put back the booklet in my bag and walk out of the university before I started to barf. I was in front of the church, I sat on the same step we eated on before. Ricardo brought me some water, I felt embaracced and nervous.

    When I perked up i had one missed call on my phone. It was a quarter past four, my deal was gone.

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