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  • Gorete found my mom and me at the front stairs of the Small Claim Court in Curitiba and told us about her personal tragedy:

    She had all her belongings drowned by a street flooding right after she moved to a kitchenette in an old building in Curitiba downtown. Anyway, having given advanced money to assure her permanence, she spent five months there with her stuff under the water, trying to have a solution for her investments. As there were no signs of providence from the kitchenette landlord - who seems to be an influent man - an anonymous call denounced the terribly unhealthy condition in which Gorete was living. As soon as the denounce arrived to the landlords' ears, he sent to her two or three men who held her by the hair and threw her away in the street dressed only in her pajamas in a cold 6 a.m. She couldn't take any of her belongings and didn't have where to go until a health surveyor had her case scheduled for inspection. The situation went to the "Small" Claim Court many months later and she’s been living and working precariously as housemaid. Her belongings are still locked and sealed within the kitchenette since then, now for more than a year.

    Although she says she knows the Governor and other important people, she doesn't hope for justice anymore. "All of this is just makeup to fool the victims and the society". And she claims to be daughter of Lord, The King to obtain justice from Him. She's too proud to ask and get mercy from people like us.

    So what is Gorete still wanting there in the SCC? She wants to tell everybody what a crap our judicial system is. She plans to record a series TV to denounce the situation to the whole country in an evangelical channel thus getting the Divine Justice and have restored back her dignity.


    Last weekend a tragedy ravaged our country: today there are 237 victims of the fire in Kiss dance club, in Santa Maria, RS, Southern Brazil. It seems not to be ending, as the number of hospitalized victims in critical condition is high. Suddenly all Brazilians claim for justice and there's a witch hunt that will find out about 98% of our nightclubs in unacceptable conditions of safety. What defines "safety", "acceptable", or "victims" is every time reaching a tenuous border with questionable limits.

    The nightclub fire victims are dead. They had high level of scholarship and were young and beautiful and beloved, and still have Facebook.... They appear night and day for those who wish to learn about their lives They keep alive not only for their virtual identity, but for the impact of the sinister happening and ending of their existence. Their identity is imprinted by a kind of osmotic identification on the public opinion. Maybe most of the Brazilians deal separately with the safety of the nightclubs when hanging around for some hours. The hugeness of the tragedy gets traces of their identity to call all of them the same name: "Victim"

    Somehow victimization implies the notion of visibility.


    Carlos Miranda is also from RS, Southern Brazil. Before working as juror in the Brazilian version of "Idols" and similar TV shows, he was businessman for Sepultura band and created a famous music seal in Brazil. He was also critic of porn films and responsible for the creation of the Triangular Church of The Digital Residue. The purpose of the church is to "relive" people from the digital/virtual clues they left in the web. Someday memories disappear from computers, from notebooks, from people's mind. When the last person who remembers me is dead, what will remain from me, more than archaeological stuff for a curious onr? What of mine will fill a place in the memories of the future? If it doesn't happen in a century, then it will never happen.


    Gorete has the dream to appear on the TV as a denouncer victim of the obvious daily tragedy. Her pride and anger feeds her will of destruction of a system as a single heroine of the unwarned and oppressed. Relatively educated people believe they will get it with some clicks. She probably didn't know that 18 people in Northeast Brazil died of thirst in the same day the visible tragedy of the fire in the nightclub occurred. How could Gorete know? Is tragedy obvious because it's daily-based, or because it's hidden in the unending stairs of human justice?

    Brazilian people cried and kicked on Facebook to deny the new President of the Senate to be enthroned after his screamingly scandalous conduct and past. It didn't work.

    Ghosts in the flesh are in the power and don't care about virtual phantoms.

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