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  • In David Brooks' summary of his Life Reports, a collection of autobiographical essays from 70+ year old individuals, he wrote of a woman named Regina Titus and her robust life: "But hers is a story of relentless self-expansion." At the beginning of November 2012, I began writing one thing that I learned, that disrupted my stream-of-consciousness, that inspired me, or that I grappled with each day, down on a yellow post-it note and stuck it to the wall immediately in front of my desk. Some nights I sit back and marvel at how disjointed and/or cohesive my thoughts are over the course of just a few days, or even weeks. In this photo: Excelsior, from Silver Linings Playbook. "Who are you really?" - the basis of my MO for interrogating individuals when I first meet them. Attraction = Pull = Not Push: Words of wisdom from a friend of mine. The bottom half of a duck: The concept I learned from my best friend in a conversation just last week about how in any crowd, we are all ducks - gliding smoothly on the water - but underneath the surface, we're kicking. We're struggling. The photo within a photo? A memory of my studio back in Chicago.

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