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  • Today again a new taxi driver drove me home. A young stocky man, who was not into much talking for the first part of the 20 minute - drive. Somebody called him on his cell - phone and he got into a bit heated discussion with a woman. She seemed to be complaining and he also complained. When he had hung up I could not avoid commenting, " It seems that you are in trouble with your wife?"

    He suddenly looked at me with the friendliest smile and answered," That was my girl - friend. I am in love with her, but since 5 months I call her several times every day, I bring her presents, I send her good - night - messages, but she hardly ever does all that for me. I just managed to control myself for 3 days. I did not call or write or send presents. Can you imagine how hard that was? But I need to find out, if she really loves me, too."

    "And does she?"

    "I am not sure," he admitted," Now she just complained that I did not pay any attention to her these days, but it is the first time that she calls me, that she says, she misses me, that she expresses the wish to see me...what do you think, is that love?"

    "Well, it might be love and it might not be," I sighed, " Often we are so afraid to be alone that we just want somebody to be there, to be around, we feel so dependent that there is no space for love in freedom."

    He nodded, "I am afraid that I might love her more than she loves me, but if that is the case, I need to know, I need to confront it!"

    "Every relationship needs to work that out," I explained ( all therapist!!!)," We need to find a balance in between giving and receiving love, if we do not find that, we are not happy in a relationship!"

    He was so happy to have been able to share his problem that he did not want to charge me the fare, but I know how little money these chauffeurs earn, 16 hours in the taxi for 20 or 30 Dollars a day... I paid him. Smiling he said," Tonight I will take my girl out to a dance!"


    Art by Kiki ("Waiting For My Love")

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