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  • This world feels like a war zone

    The harder we fight, the harder it pushes us

    Dangers lurking within and all around us

    Constantly looking over our shoulders

    Trying to avoid hurt and pain

    Instead of looking ahead

    We feel only the past

    We fear the present

    We worry about our future

    The pendulum swings on and with each passing motion

    We delve deeper and deeper into the hive mentality

    Marching on to which direction and

    For what purpose we never know

    Until we forget what we once cherished

    Until we forget what love is, how to feel again

    What once moved us and gave us something to chase

    We are blind to the beauty in life, or are we just conditioned to stop looking for it?

    Where will we find time to dream?

    Who could find true love anymore?

    Where are the love letters, the romantic gestures?

    The long moments in time that we waited just to hear from someone we barely knew

    The many hours we would stare at their picture

    What is love anymore save for a waste of time

    It isn't practical; it won’t save our lives here

    Surviving always surviving

    In the mess of things we find time to feed the idea of it

    At least for a little while our mundane existences seem brighter

    Our lives worth living, until the real world knocks us hard

    Until we realize that they aren't the ones we want to spend the rest of our lives with

    We get tired of them and find a new infatuation shortly after

    Obsessed with the idea of true love and fairy tale endings

    Emptiness is what we begin to fill our hearts with

    Forever building walls around ourselves

    Until we lose who we really are

    Which lie to believe?

    And then I meet you my darling

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