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  • "YOU TWO! "

    ''Right NOW!

    Mr Gewjeski was a Stern Task master running the junior high wood shop since the time of Moses spit his first table board. Regardless of his age, whatever it was, he was not to be fooled around with, but it was too late.

    We had crossed His line.

    Steave Merrit and I were going to find out what the next level in our education was going to be. In that instant.

    He marched us out of the twin double doors, with his damn strong pincers closing on the meat of our arms, in a way that informed us both that he knew how to grab someone to cause maximum pain, without letting on how hard he had grabbed us while separating us from our little shove-off match.

    Whatever we had in mind,at that moment, was now replaced with a reality that neither of us wanted, even if WE did have issues. This was something different and we knew it.

    I thought he was going to March us down the hall, up two flights and into thee principals office. That was BAD. The last thing I expected was to be marched out of the Fire exit, which He took the time to Key, shutting off the alarm, taking us out into a back courtyard.

    Steave, was the bigger, stronger, and older ,between the two of us. I was the better fighter. was running through my thoughts as we hit the pavement.

    Steave was nervous and started to laugh and shoot his mouth off at what he didn't understand. I had heard that Gewjeski had done this the year before.

    "OK, you two little pricks, let's see it!"

    'You wanna fight? FIGHT"

    I just stepped back without being asked twice.

    Our teacher gave an open handed invite to take is best shot at me. and he wasn't kidding around and he was giving his permission.

    "I See that Shore is going to kick your ass. "

    Steave wasn't ready for this. it was normal and he tried backing out, by saying it was nothing and he was sorry that we interrupted.

    I didn't feel that way, i wanted to kick his ass.

    Gewjeski , told me, 'You stay here" and the grabbed Merrit by the arm again and took him upstairs to be handled by Mr Redding, the principal.

    Gewjeski came back in a few minutes and laid down the law about being a jerk in class.

    "I don't give a rat's ass what you do, anywhere, but if you fucking interrupt MY business again, I will have you Expelled!"

    And he could do it too! He was the Head of Discipline, back then. Part of his Real job description.

    "You get that?"

    His Barking shout at me, left Zero room for doubt and as he was starring me down, like a eagle. Seeing if I would flinch. I think he,even smiled.

    He knew I understood, knew also, all to well, that if I was brought up to Redding's office again, it was a two week suspension on the nose.

    Conference with the folks, and that whole can of worms, which didn't need to be reopened that month.

    I nodded.

    "You know, you could be a real craftsman, if someone doesn't kill you first"

    'Now get in there, Put your tools away and Finish chapters 5-10 and come here after school.

    ''No shop work for you, for two weeks. Two weeks detention.''

    and that is the way it went.

    All business. All the Time..

    One of my best mentors.

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