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  • In the Spring 1987:

    I caught Husker Du at the Boathouse

    met a girl I'll call wonder-mouse,

    spent a night in Pungo,

    The next morning she bought me roses

    at the farmers market before she

    dropped me off at Princess Anne High school

    late, of course, 2nd bell Chemistry,

    The beginning of an intense time, graduation

    Summer at the Dial, storms under the pier,

    bruises and wine coolers, simple betrayal,

    bad poetry about broken hearts, followed by

    Jazz, a new window to look out.

    In the Fall,

    (things actually fell apart)

    Salisbury steak dinners at Farm Fresh's cafeteria,

    solitude, a moped, a job fixing pot holes,

    clothes that smelled like tar.

    Eventually my own apartment overlooking

    a horse pasture (now a townhouse complex)

    and a new set of friends who were willing

    to try everything once.

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