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  • Her face moved away from mine, and turned to face the door. And I turned.

    And suddenly I was made aware of the warmth that her being brought me,

    aware of it now that it was suddenly slipping away.

    And I started walking, and I could no longer see her.

    And suddenly the dim night sky became vividly dark blue,

    and the sound of the wind in the trees became a million times louder,

    the dead leaves rustling and surrounding me as I moved away from her,

    reclaiming me into their world,

    And suddenly the delicate icy touch of the night air became a frigid fist around my body,

    and my jacket became useless,

    a worthless cloth draped over a frozen ice sculpture as it melted,

    And the roar of the wind became unbearable,

    and the sky reached down and soaked the night in stillness,

    and all of the empty space between objects became millions of miles,

    and the world became a maze of cold, gaping voids,

    and the ground moved backwards under my feet

    and the shadows spilled out in great inky puddles into the street

    and swallowed up the last remaining moonlight

    until the entire night was darker than darkness itself,

    And the whole world shook beneath my feet, it quaked and quivered,

    like the lower lip of a child who is about to burst into tears, but can't quite bring himself to do it.

    And all I was doing was walking away from her door, towards my car, for the last time this month. But the feeling would not listen to reason. And my eyes felt teary, and my heart felt sadness.

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