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  • We met through my roommate, and it was love at first sight. For me, though unfortunately not for her.

    Our first date was spectacular, in August of 2004. We were both 24, and we spent hours hardly touching our beers, talking about endless subjects. We kissed that night, and I went home on a cloud. I don't know how, but I knew she was the one. Everything I had been looking for. She did not agree. A couple of days later, she told me she had to focus on her studies, and let's just be friends. I sent her an email telling her how I felt - in retrospect, probably a mistake and a little [sic: very] crazy-sounding. She showed it to her friends and laughed at me.

    A month later, we got together again. Sparks flew - you could see the electricity in the air. At least for me. Again, not for her. A day later she told me she just wanted to be friends. But she really loved our friendship, and didn't want to endanger it. This was early September, 2004. The next month and a half is a blur now. Every other week we would go on a date. Some would last the entire weekend. They were all, without fail, wonderful. They were every other week because after it, she would give me the same line and we wouldn't see each other for a week or two. Every time we got together, you couldn't keep us apart. My friends and family now knew of her - sometimes she was amazing and sometimes a cold-hearted bitch. They told me to move on, to forget about her. I couldn't help myself.

    I still remember the date - it was October 30, 2004. I was supposed to go see the Red Sox World Series victory parade, but my friends called me and told me it would be impossible to find them.

    I saw her online, and IM'ed her a stupid flash game that made fun of George Bush.

    She wrote me back and asked me if I wanted to have breakfast.

    I said "Yes".

    We met at a local diner near my apartment. She told me she really just wanted to be friends. I threw my hands up, and said "Fine, I can't handle this anymore, it's just too much already." So we agreed to just be friends. I then told her that I thought Paul McCartney had been dead since 1966, and was replaced by the runner-up in a Paul McCartney look-alike contest from 1964. I explained all of the clues in every Beatles album, it took at least an hour.

    After breakfast, we went back to my apartment to hang out. We were sitting in my bedroom, and I said, "I know what our song will be."

    I then turned on Led Zeppelin's "What is and What Should Never Be", which contains the line "And you will be mine, by taking our time."

    She quickly retorted, "No, this will be our song" and she put on "Hello Goodbye" by the Beatles.

    We spent the day together, and didn't spend another night apart until I went home to New Jersey for Thanksgiving. On the phone after Thanksgiving we both realized we were totally in love. We moved in together in February and would get married 2 years later. We danced to 2 songs at the Wedding, our Zeppelin and Beatles songs.

    I'm nothing if not persistent.

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