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  • I had been feeling a bit sorry for myself bemoaning the fact that my Buddhist practice seemed at a standstill and my prayers were being unanswered. I am a Nichiren Buddhist,a votary of the Lotus Sutra whose prayers are never unanswered.Then last night during my chanting session it hit me,I had once again been missing the big picture by missing the small one. Human nature is so hard to tame in it's always wanting to settle for habit and not change,a constant battle. Anyway,I had this sort of concrete almost slap in the face. I had been given exactly what I had asked for,a breakthrough of sorts,unrecognizable for it did not come in a readily recognizable package.

    First it came in the magnificent form a new friend I met from Bangladesh,an American now,sweet,talented with an interest in the joy of life and of sharing a bit of his own knowledge and wisdom for my benefit.Next it came in the form a rescued baby hawk my dearest friend had found in my chanting place in a Queensland forest. How fortunate to have a friend who sees the importance of life in things like rescuing a baby hawk and knowing and loving me enough to send me the pictures.Once more another dear friend sending me the final message to look smaller closer to the ground and closer to the heart,to have my prayers answered. I got the message,the connections in all of these fantastical blessings for me was sincerity. I shared myself sincerly with three special people and I received sincerity and beauty right back in the form of three very special teachers. In the Buddhism I practice there is conspicuous benefits(tangible benefits you see right away ) and the more important intangible benefits(that lift your whole level of life up a notch,closer to being awake).One of the most important tenents of Nichiren Buddhism is sincere dialogue with everyone you meet. I did this and I was sahred with sincerly right back. It is only through sincere dialogue one on one with a spirit of honest concern and compassion can we help another and help ourselves and outwards to helping the world. Thank you my friends for the lesson. I assure you it will not be in vain ,a great reminder to look deep in the heart of all things,for all things are connected,and heal the suffering where it is.

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