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  • Rewind

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh extra hour! I have an extra hour of time tonight and I am wondering what I am going to do with it. Only 30 minutes from now the clock on my computer and much of my electronics will reset to 1 a.m. and I will have another hour to burn. Might as well do something spectacular with it. But WHAT?

    Perhaps, if I concentrated very, very hard, I could jump on that shift and ride it back even further in time, like looping around the sun to gain speed and slingshot into space. Could I go back ten years, twenty years, thirty years? Maybe I could warn people about all the terrible things that happened and prevent one or two of them. When they ask me how I know, I'll just tell them “I'm from the future, of course.” They'll believe me, right?

    Maybe I could travel back to 1937, and become an assassin. Think of it. Adolf Hitler is sitting alone, obscure, a little man babbling his theories of hatred in his worthless little mind. Walk up behind him with a small caliber gun and a silencer while no one is looking and BAM! and just keep walking. It would be harder to get close to Stalin, so maybe a long range rifle shot for that one. Mussolini.....same as Hitler, an obscure man ripe for the plucking.

    Presto! No world war. No press for long range bomber squadrons, no push for developing meals and radar and advanced electronics. No push for nuclear power. Providing I can get back, I wonder what would be here and what would not.

    Actually, I think that would be a waste of my time. You can't affect the past by traveling back to it, because anything you would do has already been done. Or won't be done. And what would you undo if you did?

    Now, if I knew I could travel back into the past and change one thing, I know exactly what I would change. Slavery. I would have found a way to convince the men in Philadelphia that allowing slavery to stand in any form would lead to decades of hatred, divisiveness, and ultimately the destruction of the nation they were trying to build. It wouldn't be that hard, folks.

    Think about the Declaration of Independence. The men in that room who signed that document read it carefully, and that document clearly says that all men are endowed with rights. Slaves were men, men with lesser educations, from less economically and scientifically developed cultures, to be sure, but men. If I could convince them not to kowtow to the gentlemen from the southern states and insist on the constitution applying to all inhabitants, regardless of race, think of the nation we would have today.

    Racism would be a minimal ripple at the very least, and while the economy of the southern states would have developed a little slower, we would still be here. Would the nation look different? With an attitude of strict and utter adherence to the principles of the rights of the individual as our guide, most certainly. Native Americans would have been treated as equals, not as aboriginal tribesmen to be assimilated into white culture with no regard for their heritage. Education would have been available to all citizens, and a peaceful way to co-exist would have been developed.

    Ah, yes. Would have been nice, wouldn't it? Sure would beat the attitudes we have now, where try as we might it all comes down to racial injustice in one form or another.

    Here it comes.......ready …..... set.......GO! An extra hour...what to do, what to do?


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