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  • I have been getting some comments about my profile picture from various friends.

    The most notable remark was from a friend who said, "Is that your picture?"

    "Yep, that's my smiling face."

    "If that's your smiling face, I'd hate to see you angry!"

    So today I updated my profile picture on Cowbird to the one you see now. Aren't webcams marvelous things?

    I was going to change my pic on FarceBook as well, but those fatherless, money grubbing sons of unholy jackals (am I being too kind?) have removed several of my privileges for sharing my posts with my friends. At first, I thought someone had complained about the nature of my posts; perhaps an irate Muslim was offended by my constant stories about the Psalms. But this is not the case.

    No, it is about money, pure and simple. It seems if you share posts from another site too often, the post will appear on your timeline, but there will be an additional link on the bottom, a link that reads Promote. You guessed it, they want you to pay them to share you own material with others. Even if you aren't making a dime off it.

    Now folks, I have nothing against capitalism. I would love to have enough money to kick back and enjoy the many pleasures life has to offer. But its supposedly a social network, for sharing things with your friends. Just because I have over 800 of them, doesn't mean I should be held to a different standard than anyone else.

    I also understand that FarceBook stocks aren't taking off the way they wanted them to. All you FarceBook administrators should take notice. Alienating your users by trying to nickle and dime them to death is not the way to increase loyalty or fan base. As a matter of fact, it does just the opposite.

    It even inspires me to think that an alternative site might be the best way to go. Say a site where you pay $5.00 a month to have a page where you can upload your thoughts and latest events without ads. Something similar to Cowbird for the general public. Oh wait, Cowbird is for the general public. And I don't even pay the citizenship dues.

    Just saying.


    Oh, with apologies to Mac Davis.


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