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  • Inspired by jaga n.a. argentum's Modern Mankind

  • I.

    Just after dawn as I crested the hill that slopes down to the dark sinewy river

    A mist pushed up

    like the last dream

  • And right on cue out stepped a white horse.

    I stopped the car. Just like that in the middle of the road.

    To stare back

    until headlights hurried me away.

    I was haunted all day not by the horse

    but by my own leaving.

  • Of course I know it meant nothing

    Just a horse in a field at the edge of morning mist.

  • II.

    At dusk I stepped from the house

    just as a lone goose passed overhead

    honking and honking and honking

    --such a clatter--

    flapping its wings hard as it headed


    through the last long light.

    I watched until the tall

    blazing maples shielded its view.

    I listened until the shaking of leaves

    muffled its call.

  • Was it lost? Left behind? Sick?

    Was it searching searching searching for its mate downed by a hunter's cool gun?

    Or did it fly off in a flap

    flip off the rest of the perfect


    Was it not ready

    to leave the empty north spaces?

    Was it listening to the wild beating of its own sure heart?

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