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  • I don't know about you, but this new cowbird is a bit alien to me. A little unfamiliar. Scratch that; very unfamiliar! At first when it was anounced that a new cowbird was coming, I was terribly ecxited. But I didn't expect things would change so much. Now...everything is mixed up. The patterns have changed. And I'll be honost: I feel very isolated in this new form of our community. Before, in the old Cowbird, It was so easy to find your way around, your cowbird buddies just a scroll away. And now what? Click here, click there, click everywhere! The new, scrambled-up order of stories kind of reminds me of somebody's scrapbook, which I guess is an artistic way of displaying things, but very confusing! There really is no particular order. Heck, you can't even scroll!

    I guess I'm being a bit selfish here; but I feel compelled to throw my disipointment out there. I just cannot recognize this place anymore. What used to be warm and friendly now just seems cold and confusing. Worse yet, now there is a little money squeezing going on in our beloved cowbird. It's almost nothing, but since when have you had to pay for the color of your story page or the font of your text? Part of why I joined cowbird is because of it's freindliness and freedom. The old cowbird didn't ask any money of you, only stories. I don't want that freedom to slowly trickle away. Maybe I'm exaggerating, and you may agree with me or not, but this cowbird has a different feel then the old; and it will take my a while to settle down in this new nest.

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