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  • Man, I couldn’t even fathom not sleeping. Granted, I generally average only about 5 hours a night during the week, 4 if I’m lucky after a late night softball double-header. I might get 6 on a weekend night. I can rarely sleep more than that, hard as I try. But, I gotta have my sleep.

    I remember I was awake for about 36 hours straight after Jonathon was born. There was just a lot to do, and I forgot to go to sleep – I just kept going. When I finally crashed, I slept for 15 hours straight, and didn’t even hear when the lid to a hibachi came crashing through a window, the November wind off the lake was blowing so hard. The dog finally woke me up, nudging me and licking my face, concerned about that cold wind blowing through the broken window.

    No sleep would mean no dreams. Or, maybe we would find ourselves having waking dreams? I could see hallucinations starting to occur after a particularly long period without sleep.

    All this thinking about sleep and dreams has made me tired. Think I’ll take a nap.

    Photo: When we were growing up, a popular phrase from mothers to children reluctant to eat their vegetables was, “Eat your vegetables – don’t you know there are children starving in China?” I got this coffee mug for a Christmas present one year.

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