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  • Quiet is a beautiful thing. I love how quiet this house is, this neighborhood is. Of course, it is not completely silent. Right now I can hear the Roaring Camp Steam train whistle in the distance. Now and then I hear a car pass by below us on Redwood. There is the sound of birds and wind. But not much else.

    I grew up in the countryside in Indiana in a small village. It was quiet there and as a child I would notice the difference between the quiet of my home and the noise everywhere else. I preferred the quiet even then. Some families I knew left the television on all day in their homes, whether anyone was watching it or not. My family turned it off. I still dislike the habit of leaving a set on just for the noise. My current nanny family does that. Yesterday, I turned it off. No one was around to notice, except me. Ahhh...much better.

    Our lives are filled with noise. I have come to believe that many use noise as a shield from thinking too deeply, of listening to the still small voice inside of themselves for fear of what it might say.

    Stillness. Quiet. Peace. It allows me to access my center. To bring that calm within myself as a touchstone for those times I am emotionally stormy.

    This morning I will drink my coffee and listen to the stillness. The noise will come, but I will face it with strength and a calm heart.

    So mote it be.

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