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  • A.

    So many times, years each passing, I no longer count, because they count me back.

    I made a personal promise long ago, most likely when I escaped my crib at 11 months and went outside,

    I swore I would let go of myself , each year. and true to that, I have..

    I take a bag of my life and give it away, if its something, someone can use, pratcical stuff, you know.

    I burn or trash the rest...

    It's helped..

    The practice of giving up self importance is easily done if you allow a flower to explain things. Basil, too, and if you are really in a pinch, a Potato...

    There is the wind.


    The sweet spot- moment, when the tide and shore hold eachother with out pull or push.

    And you or I , are there.... just pausing in the same balance.

    knowing a moment ago we were a cresting wave rising

    those sort of ideas, when they speak , are the lessons I look for..

    garlic too.. there are so many lessons there!

    "What about US?"

    oh yeah,, bees, Otters, cats, messages left, that , you just walk into,,


    all of those songs

    in the intimate silences of figuring something, anything out..

    Are the Shouting signs, screaming outloud

    the energetic claims in wait.. that don't wait.

    Peace yogini..


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