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Chapter 2, part 4 (11), Little Hog I. by Mary Stebbins Taitt

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  • Discovery at Little Hog Island, part 11

    Chapter 2, part 4


    Buck's arms scooped Dana from the black water. Her head throbbed, and she leaned weakly against his chest.

    "You okay?" he asked, his voice thick with concern.

    "I guess so," Dana said, shakily. She felt like crying. Her head hurt, she had water in her lungs and she was frightened and confused.

    "Let me take you back to camp," Buck said.

    "And help her pack up and be on her way," Glenn's voice came from the dark shore.

    Buck carried Dana to shore.

    Dana was no tiny damsel in distress. "You must be strong," Dana said.

    "Pulling all those nets, hauling and all those lines," Buck answered. "You're not heavy. You should see the barrels of fish I heft onto the docks every day." He set her in one of the dinghies tied to a log that jutted out into the water. Then, he dragged the deflated kayak and paddle over, squeezed the remaining air and water out of it, and tossed that in the dingy.

    He rowed.

    "Don’t come back." Glenn shouted from the dark woods as they moved out toward the still ocean. The moon made a crooked and broken path over the small swells. Buck rowed in silence. He followed the route Dana had taken in. He rowed out, then south, then in and back along the shore.

    "Billy Owens was Glenn's best friend." he said, as they neared the path to her tent. "And you are spitting image of Ami, his estranged wife."

    "I'm not Ami, and I didn't kill Billy Owens. I had nothing to do with any of it. I've never been here before."

    "You’re stirring up hard feelings. The fact that you know nothing about it, that you're a stranger, makes it worse. Like you're poking your nose in where it doesn't belong."

    "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I have this weird radar that seems to sense when things aren't quite right. I always want to know where the discrepancy is. I'm unbearably curious. I know it's a weakness. What happened back there?"

    "Glenn shot holes in your kayak."


    This "story" is part of a serial novel hopeful.

    First story in the series: section i

    Previous story: section 10

    All links to previous and future chapters are here: links, or will be added as I go along.

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