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  • Wendy 7/2/79

    Too long have I awaited for a night quite like this last,

    Too many lonely hours spent looking for your eyes.

    Oh sweet cup of serenity come fill me with your potion…

    For this lost, lonely rolling river has found its long-sought ocean!

    Before you came along I was empty and in need

    Of a soul to see into my own, of some thoughts ‘pon which to feed;

    Then, there you stood, beside me and inside me…

    I’d known you all my life, yet only for five minutes!

    Two minds like yours and mine, tuned into equal wavelengths,

    Free to share, to bare our souls…free to lay it on the line

    Wendy, the time I’ve spent with you has left me feeling fine

    I pray we weren’t just two ships passing to be lost for the rest of time…

    I’m throwing out a line….

    When I first posted this old poem, my wife was curious as to who Wendy was. “You’ve never mentioned her before!” Uh-oh – got some ‘splainin’ to do!

    Wendy was an angel. Yes, I do believe in angels. Not like you’re thinking. Angels are people who just show up, seemingly out of nowhere, and provide exactly what you need in a moment of distress. That’s how I see them. When we put out to the universe what it is that we need, whether consciously or unconsciously, and are open to letting the universe help us out, angels show up.

    I met Wendy on a Greyhound from Hartford, CT, to New York City. I was going on to Philadelphia from there. New York was home for her. Just prior to getting onto that bus, I bid my best friend, Reed, farewell for the final time. He’d driven me from his place in Windsor and hugged me one last time, then I boarded the bus. I’ve always thought that he knew what was coming.

    It had been the day before that I had experienced an out of body experience, and Reed had reached me out there and brought me back. He had always been the strongest person, in terms of inner strength, that I had ever known. We always had this weird psychic connection. When I was really struggling on my first ship, I remember communicating with him, mentally, and drawing some strength from him. It always felt real to me. It could have been just in my mind. Whatever it was, it gave me strength. On that ride to the bus station, I wasn’t feeling that from him. He was quieter than usual, and seemed like he was somewhere else. It was a little unsettling.

    Then I met Wendy. We just clicked, and talked about everything under the sun. It felt like I’d known her all my life. Everythng was easy, talking with her. We laughed at the same things, and just seemed to meet out in a common field of the mind. I would never see her again after that short, 2 hour bus ride from Hartford to New York City. We corresponded back and forth a few times, but we both lost interest in each other pretty quickly. But, for that two hours, it was like she’d been sent just for me.

    Many angels have shown up in my life at the most opportune, and appropriate, times. It makes me wonder – have there been more, and I just missed them? I was too preoccupied with whatever I was hung up on to notice the help that the universe was trying to send my way? I’m thinking, yes, this is probably the case.

    Do you believe in Angels?

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