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  • First off, I don’t really think I am ‘funny’.

    Lots of beautiful people think they are ugly. And lots of people who smell bad have no clue about that, either. If you find out you’re any one of these things, it’s generally because people tell you. Or because you get lots of Valentine’s cards. Or people give you deodorant for Christmas.

    I know it’s some kind of ‘mechanism’, and I didn’t need a psychologist to tell me that. (In fact, I’ve never even been to a counsellor, although my ramblings here will no doubt highlight the need.)

    What I’m wondering today is: is it OK (or even possible) to be funny when you’re trying to be serious? After all, it’s common to laugh until we cry, right? But do the two really mix? And, if so, where’s the line?

    Stanley Kubrick said: “However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light”.

    Sounds like a plan, Stan.

    So, I have some things to say. I want them to be clear, but I don’t want them to be dismal. We all know teenage poetry; laden with darkness. It was a luxury then, before we realised that grown-up life; society, war, poverty, is the real darkness. When it comes to emotions, the only escape from our darkest ones is directly into our lightest.

    It’s an impossible question: can I make you laugh while also communicating hurt? I can try. Oh yes, you lucky, lucky lab rats.. I can try.

    ^ Above is a photograph that explains why, when all else fails in life, to make your friends laugh is the most rewarding thing in the world. I have never once taken any of your smiles for granted xx

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