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  • I am not waiting for a knight in shining armor – mine has already arrived! I got to know him while he was drunkenly leaning over my shoulder trying to dictate to me how I should keep his bus in the road. It’s a long story how that came about, but I had to drive his bus - loaded with his colleagues - home from a function and so got to meet a witty, intelligent guy.

    Today is our wedding anniversary and 12 years ago I made the best move of all the tings I have ever done in my life. Sure it has not only been moonshine, roses and plane sailing. Together we have had to over come constant financial difficulties, loosing our jobs, starting (and failing) a new venture, loosing all our savings, a few miscarriages and cancer. And my dad’s favourite saying? “It all builds character” – Yeah right!! Ohhhh ok, ok – I guess there’s a lot of truth in that… (Look what a cool person I am today?!! )

    I believe our marriage is an understanding between two intelligent, open and caring people who have evidenced that true love can survive all obstacles and grow stronger with the passage of time. I love him today more than ever before! And yes, we have a strange way of showing it…

    No romantic rings, perfumes and flowers. I am a plain girl and like practical stuff. My first present from him was a trick-kite, cause my beloved one was stolen. So for our 12th anniversary, hubby is cooking a green bean and lamb stew for me. Why? Because that is something I have been talking about for a while and he remembered … and you know what? This means more to me than a heap of diamonds!!

    He calls me his Fanbelt. . “Because I am lost without you in my life” he says. We both were bus drivers (years ago) and I once got stranded in another country because I had the wrong spare fan belt. I call him my Southern Cross, “Because you give direction to my life”.

    He is the one man in the world I want to walk with along life's path. And forever, he will be the one I want to be beside as we discover everything tomorrow has in store. No one else is quite like him. No one else is capable of reaching me in the same way he does. There is something wonderful about him that brightens my days and makes dreams come true.

    So to the love of my life:

    You know me inside and out.

    You make me laugh – because you are so funny and witty.

    You make me feel so special.

    You make me feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world.

    You don’t have to say a word for me to feel your love.

    I love the way you love me.

    I love the way you hold me.

    I can’t get enough of your hugs and kisses.

    My life is empty without you.

    I’d love to wake up next to you forever.

    I will go to the ends of the world for you. - Because I know you would for me!

    I love you!

    Pic taken from the internet

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